We empower our partners to deliver intelligent, cutting-edge prevention, detection, and response services that protect small and mid-size organizations from business-disrupting cyber attacks, like ransomware

Our Experience Elevates your Value to Clients

Our partners benefit from our team of experienced threat hunters, backed by deep investments in artificial intelligence and market-leading technology, packaged for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), or resellers as a simple-to-deliver service.

We eliminate the complexity and cost of building effective security operations capabilities for your clients.

We only send high-quality alerts

  • Fewer than 10 alerts per month per customer on average with only 15% False Positives
  • ActZero is able to filter out 6 out of 7 CrowdStrike out-of-the-box detections by removing false positives
  • We filter out 25,000x more detections than untuned Stellar by removing false positive-prone detections

We don't miss the true threats

  • 28 proven ML detections in service
  • Holistic Coverage: Multiple data sources + data types + analyst review
  • A free ransomware readiness assessment for all prospects that exposes the gaps and the false sense of security delivered by competing security vendors

Advanced proprietary behavior-based ransomware detections beyond those available with CrowdStrike

  • Data exfiltration detections which catch ransomware prior to data encryption 
  • Lateral movement detection in preparation for ransomware

What’s in it for your Client?

We protect across endpoints, mobile, network, and cloud

  • Endpoint Sensors (CrowdStrike Falcon Insight)
  • Next Gen AV (CrowdStrike Falcon Prevent)
  • XDR Detections (Stellar Open XDR)
  • SIEM and Network Security
  • Enhanced Cloud Security
  • 24/7 Incident Response & Guided Threat Remediation
  • Vulnerability Scanning & Monthly Reporting
  • Ransomware Defense
  • Darkweb Monitoring
  • Threat Hunting
  • Threat Intelligence
  • vCISO Services (optional)
  • Mobile Threat Detection (optional)
  • Removable Media Control (optional)

What’s in it for you?

The ActZero Partner Program is designed to reward our partners for their review achievement and deliver value to help their business thrive.

  • A differentiated service offering that beats our competition
  • A strong value proposition that resonates with your buyers 
  • A supportive sales partnership to help you move deals quickly
  • Great margin opportunities to help you quickly close on quotas
  • Recurring touch-points to keep you informed
  • Flexible contracting for clients

Buying Signals & How We Win

Every prospect has a tell.  Here are some of the signals that you should be looking for, and how we'll prove our value

Buyer Signals: When to Engage ActZero

  • Threat: Ransomware, Cloud Account Takeover

  • MSS/MDR opportunities; SIEM displacement; AV/NGAV/EDR/Managed EDR renewals

  • Security maturity improvement & augmentation

  • Alert fatigue, resource and staffing shortages, skill gaps

  • Tool & vendor consolidation

  • Compliance Needs:  CMMC, PCI, NIST, CIS, ISO, HIPAA

Where we win:

  • Security Value Affordably: EDR + NGAV +  XDR + Mobile + Cloud Vulnerability Management + 24/7 SOC + ML + Security Reporting
  • Ransomware Protection:  Free Ransomware Readiness Assessment.  We stop threats in progress.  Active response at machine-speed 
  • Market-Leading Machine Learning:  Data-driven evidence for signal-to-noise ratio improvement and false positive reduction 
  • Compliance: Unrivaled CMMC guidance 


Get $250 for every technical meeting booked AND a bonus $1500 on all new closed deals!

Prospecting Questions

The key to a good sale is truly understanding a prospect's pain points, and clearly demonstrating how we can alleviate that concern.  Here are a few prospecting questions that have opened doors for ActZero:

Concerned about security of your data and business?

We're seeing a number of key challenges within the market:

  • More complexity from the growing attack surface and increase in the sophistication of attacks
  • Companies struggle with managing the mass amount of data, with their current tech and MSSPs, to find meaningful alerts that translate into response
  • The increased lack of resources and security expertise. It’s not just about putting bodies in seats but about finding the right bodies for those seats.

What visibility do you have into risks in your environment?

  • Are you able to show continuing and meaningful progress towards your cybersecurity goals?
  • Are you confident that you'll be able to pass a compliances audit?

Are you confident in your Ransomware Readiness?

  • Ransomware is constantly evolving and targeted to beat even the most popular tools and prevention methods
  • Adversaries are evolving at a speed in which current tools and people can’t keep up
  • Customers not making headway stacking siloed tools with dated threat intelligence
  • Some assessment strategies and tools create a false sense of ransomware protection

Businesses can leverage ActZero’s free ransomware readiness assessment to emulate a complete ransomware attack operation, focus on key vulnerabilities and lateral pathways and start reducing risk immediately.

Spending inefficient cycles on threat management issues?

ActZero offers all of our customers professional analysis, prioritized risk remediation recommendations, and security maturity and compliance advice - tailored to your business.

  • 24/7 Customer Portal
  • Compliance control models
  • Security incident reports
  • Hygiene reports
  • and more

Book the Time

Would you be open to a short presentation (20min) about a service that includes some of the best security tools in the world and designed specifically for companies your size?