When every second counts, you need complete trust that your security partner will stop threats to your business.

Critical Security Metrics

Managing outcomes matters. Get unified, real-time visibility across your environment with correlated threat insights. With AI-driven tools, you can surface the information needed to make faster, data-driven decisions, while ensuring you are effectively protected against emerging threats. Dig in deeper to see any current investigations or details on newly discovered emerging threats.

Transparency In Investigations

Gain visibility into the status of the multi-signal threat detections enabled by AI and informed by millions of data points from across your organization and beyond. You can easily surface in-depth detail into detections, investigations, event severity, and the autonomous actions and response measures taken on your behalf.  You can quickly understand how the events occurred, and facilitating additional discovery actions, if desired.

Validation of Cybersecurity Investments

Partnering with a cybersecurity provider takes trust. With ActZero, we not only provide you with your critical metrics, we provide our own - allowing you to understand how our service is performing as a whole. We provide the deep details needed to understand our actions, explore your own investigations, and validate how each action betters your defenses.

Continuous Security Posture Improvement

Stop guessing at your cybersecurity posture.  Through the ActZero platform, you can seamlessly track critical security and compliance benchmarks relative to your unique business requirements. Our Maturity Assessment tool facilitates your planning and execution by helping to prioritize actions based on risk and effort, track task completion, and easily upload supporting evidence and documentation for auditors.

What's Included?



Our dashboard is built around critical outcomes required to help you continuously improve your security posture, including: 

  • Ransomware block rate
  • Security-related events
  • Alert filtering ratio
  • Investigated or resolved incidents
  • Vulnerabilities over time
  • Connections security status
Activity Searches

Activity Searches

Dig deep into detections, and investigations. See the autonomous actions and response measures taken by ActZero on your behalf:

  • Drill down on security event detail
  • See investigations, collaborate on tickets, and more
  • Undertake independent investigations, or pull specific audit details as required with optional log search capabilities
Risk Management

Risk Management

Benefit from prioritization and analysis-ready presentation of risk with enriched content specific to your environment:

  • Sort by severity 
  • See historical trends on severity levels
  • Gain insights into how your security investments are reducing your risk
  • View the security status of connections like endpoints, servers, cloud VMs, and more
Security Maturity

Security Maturity

Track completion of your critical security and compliance objectives relative to your unique business requirements:

  • See detailed results of your security assessment 
  • Filter controls by applicability to your specific priority or compliance goals
  • Upload evidence of task completion 
  • Download reports for executives or auditors

Materials and Guides to Help You on Your MDR Journey