Get the insight, visibility and tools needed to level-up your cybersecurity

See critical security metrics in your customizable dashboard

Scorecards and charts provide an overview of activity we’ve taken on on your behalf, identified gaps in your security posture, and guidance on how to close them.

Get Regular Reporting

Web-versions of our detailed service reports provide you month-over-month the insight needed to address critical security gaps.

Chart and execute your journey to cybersecurity maturity

Identify gaps in your security posture, and build plans to meet your goals, whether it be general security improvement, or meeting complex regulatory compliance.

See how healthy your environment is with regular Hygiene Reports

Having visibility into your cybersecurity hygiene is critical for ensuring proper maintenance and security.  Get updated information on encryption statuses, enabled access and policies, and more.

See Vulnerabilities and Address them

Get relevant and timely vulnerability scanning results for new vulnerabilities, rolling, and outstanding tasks to address them.

Find and Prioritize Patch Requirements

Strengthen security and reduce the risk of potential vulnerabilities in your software, operating systems and applications by better understanding what needs patched, and in what priority.

What's Included?


Dashboard includes:

  • Total monitored events
  • Security-related events
  • Investigated or resolved Incidents
  • Escalated incidents (with immediate or prioritized attention)


Reporting includes:

  • Executive summary – KPIs
  • Outstanding tasks
  • Traffic analysis
  • Endpoint detection & response metrics
  • Security hygiene metrics
  • Vulnerability management recommendations
  • Actionable intelligence and recommendations for gap closures

Maturity Posture

Within the Maturity Model:

  • See detailed results of your security assessment against our Maturity Model
  • Filter controls by applicability to your specific priority or compliance goals
  • Upload evidence of task completion 
  • Download reports for executives or auditors

Prioritize and Take Action

Use your reports and maturity assessment to

  • Prioritize your actions
  • Track completion of tasks
  • Report on your progress to your board
  • Understand what's left, and work with the ActZero team to solve remaining challenges

Materials and Guides to Help You on Your MDR Journey