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Ransomware is constantly evolving and targeted to beat even the most advanced tools and prevention methods.  Most cyber defense teams aren’t equipped to handle how much ransomware can evolve over a 24-hour period.  

Leverage our (free) Ransomware Readiness Assessment (RRA) to understand where your gaps are by emulating a complete ransomware attack operation on your organization. The RRA will help you:

  • Identify key vulnerabilities
  • Demonstrate how we help close those gaps to better protect you
  • Set you on a guided path to improving your ransomware readiness

Why ActZero?

Elevated Your Security Posture


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We use EDR and XDR to provide you with 24/7 holistic monitoring and protection ; collecting critical logs, data, and security event information from client endpoints, mobile devices, networks, firewall, cloud, and other edge assets.



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Our machine learning models, combined with human threat hunters, deliver incomparable threat coverage and support, prioritize investigations based on actual risk indicators helping to substantially reduce your false positive rates, eliminating alert fatigue and wasted efforts.



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Our auto-response capabilities for ransomware ensure that threats are immediately blocked and contained, allowing our threat hunters time to investigate, reducing your operational downtime, and preventing data loss.


Industry-Guided Cybersecurity Solutions

Outcomes that Matter

Vigilant Coverage 24/7

Prevent Team Burnout with 24/7, Scalable, Threat Coverage

Our force of elite threat hunters and security analysts provide 24/7 continuous and uninterrupted coverage, engaging your team only when necessary.

Risk-Free Trial

Superior Detection & Response Outcomes Through ML and AI

What sets us apart is our use of AI and ML-enabled threat hunts. Machine learning makes it possible to identify more threats more quickly (80% faster) and with greater accuracy, by automating manual work, pattern-matching for threats, and benefitting from network effects.

MDR Benefits that Compound

Get Tailored Maturity Improvement and Compliance Advice

Expert analysis, prioritized risk remediation recommendations, security maturity and controls advice from ActZero helps organizations reduce security incidents by 40% annually, improve their security posture 4.6x, and, pass the increasing compliance demands.