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A Cyberattack is When Every Second Counts

Most small and medium enterprises, struggle to manage a multitude of complex and disconnected security tools, as well as false alerts and noise. To be successful, you cannot do this on your own. You need a trusted security partner to help find and react to threats and help prepare for the next attack. 

ActZero Desktop

Leave the Defense to Us

Secure Your Business Better

Our patent-pending Sixth Sense AI enables us to identify and actively respond to threats faster on endpoints, network, mobile devices, cloud, identity, and email

Cybersecurity Made Simple

 We automate the majority of the manual tasks and filter out false positives and reduce noise, escalating only critical alerts, to improve efficiency and lower costs. 

Deliver Expertise to You

We bring our cyber expertise to you with daily threat hunting and hygiene recommendations, and our 24/7 SOC triages and investigate alerts for you. 

Better Protection for Healthcare Organizations

Shannon Medical Center, a Texas hospital with limited IT resources, faced growing cybersecurity risks. They partnered with us to bolster their security. Within three months, we helped reduce vulnerabilities by 90%, enhancing the hospital's cybersecurity and allowing them to focus on providing top-notch healthcare.

Healthcare Cybersecurity

Our Experts Zero In

Cybersecurity Industry

6 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024: Safeguard Against the Latest Threats and Tactics

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) find themselves on the front lines of this ever-changing battlefield, with adversaries continuously innovating new techniques to breach defenses.
Cybersecurity Industry

Don’t Let Microsoft OneNote Documents Become Your One Recurring Nightmare

Discovering threat actors accessing your environment is difficult. When they are cleverly disguised in one of your organization's trusted applications, it’s even harder - and your adversaries are counting on organizations not to pick up on the nuances.
Endpoint Detection and Response Cybersecurity Industry

Endpoint Security is the First Line of Defense: Expert Guide for How to Choose the Best EDR

When it comes to endpoint security, businesses may face challenges in evaluating a solution and securing an investment. These decisions are often influenced by expiring contracts with existing vendors, the allure of new features like AI, or securing a favorable renewal offer from the
Cybersecurity Industry Threat Intelligence Data Protection

Hygiene Tip: Shut Down Attackers Harvesting Cached Browser Credentials

Recently, ActZero learned that ransomware actors are harvesting credentials from browsers during their attack. In recent attack chains our threat researchers have seen that, once the attacker gains a foothold, they are using Living-off-the-Land (LoTL) attacks to harvest the cached credentials from
Cybersecurity Industry Managed Detection and Response

Compromised Admin Account

Hackers are what we might call the thorns and thistles of the internet. An egregious nuisance in the age of technology, and a poisonous problem in the evolving landscape of social and business interactions. It is not to be treated casually. To abate the risks of compromised admin accounts, we
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No Case for Security Budget? Demand Participation Instead

It’s a common misconception across business and industry that cybersecurity is a function performed exclusively by security or IT people. In actuality, virtually all members of staff, including non-technical staff, form part of your cybersecurity protective barrier.
Cybersecurity Industry Regulatory Compliance

Time’s Up On TikTok In Corporate Environments

Several governments around the world have or are considering banning the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok from government mobile devices as it presents an “unacceptable level of risk to privacy and security.” Canada is the latest of a number of governments to take this action. And the United
Threat Intelligence

Emergent Threat Notification - Pass The Cookie

Alert Status: High
Cybersecurity Industry Security Takes a Village

Tenets of Incident Response Postmortem (RCA)

As IT leaders, we invest in people, processes, and technology to prevent cybersecurity incidents, and to plan for potential threats and attacks. But despite our best efforts, we encounter situations that lead to exposed vulnerabilities, hacked systems, and stolen data. The threat, regardless of
Cybersecurity Industry

6 Easy Ways to Detect Healthcare Data Breaches

Cyber-attacks on healthcare dominate recent news, and ransomware attacks are among the most troubling.1 Recent numbers from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services show that 2022 has been rife with hacking incidents,2 with hundreds of providers and thousands of individuals affected.

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