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When Every Second Counts

Attackers are dedicated and moving fast. Faster than you. 

By continuously testing our defenses against the latest attack variants, we ensure our AI-detections and human threat hunters stop threats faster. We make it easy for you to measure outcomes and interface with our expert analysts for peace of mind.

Get 4X Faster Protection

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Machine-Speed Cybersecurity Protection 

Ransomware Defense Ingenuity

With our roots and expertise in finding and blocking advanced threats, ActZero leads the way in developing industry-leading ransomware protection. We stay a step ahead by always improving our detection models to achieve a 90% or greater block rate.  

Ransomware Defense Ingenuity

Precision AI-Powered Detection

Our AI enables us to find and react to threats faster than traditional approaches.  We’ve automated the manual work, blocking fast-moving ransomware attacks and filtering out false positives

Precision AI-Powered Detection

Exceptional Visibility & Support

With our 24/7 SOC, ActZero gives you complete visibility into threats, recommendations, and compliance tracking and auditing. Our customer experience team provides the support to improve your security protection. 

Exceptional Visibility & Support

Defend Against Attacks

Ransomware attacks can cause significant financial and reputational damage even to smaller businesses. To combat this threat, ActZero partnered with the Ransomware Task Force, made up of the Center for Internet Security and six other industry groups.

The Ransomware Task Force developed a 'Blueprint' for Ransomware Defense. This short list of easily-implementable safeguards can help you provide the protective controls and foundational capabilities necessary to defend against general, non-targeted attacks.

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