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Find Threats Across Every Platform

From endpoints, network, mobile devices, cloud services, identity, and email accounts, across all platforms including iOS, Android, Chromebooks, Windows, Linux, and Mac, our full-stack coverage ensures no threat goes unnoticed. 

Leveraging tools from industry leaders like CrowdStrike, Tenable, Stellar XDR, Cybersixgill, and Zimperium, we enrich our detection capabilities to offer you security that others might miss.

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Proactive, Rapid, and Automated Threat Response

Our Active Response ensures your entire environment remains secure around the clock. We stop and quarantine incidents at machine speed, while our human threat hunters filter alerts to maintain quality. 

Key Features:

  • Advanced auto-blocking and rapid quarantine measures.
  • 24/7 SOC for alert triage and quality assurance.
  • Expert threat hunters and Incident Response Retainer for fast recovery.
ActZero Machine Speed Response

Elevating Cybersecurity with "Sixth Sense" AI

What makes our cybersecurity cutting edge? Our Sixth Sense AI, a patent-pending innovation designed to outpace threats at machine speed. By analyzing signals and spotting patterns across platforms and disparate data sources, our AI-driven approach empowers our threat hunters and models to proactively counteract cyber threats. This results in a significant reduction in alerts and false positives, allowing for focused and efficient threat response.

Key Features:

  • Cross-platform AI-driven threat detection and response
  • Proactive measures against cyber threats at machine speed
  • Significant reduction in false positives and noise
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Expert Cyber Guidance for Your Needs

ActZero's Advisory services deliver cyber expertise directly to your doorstep. Our focus on hygiene improvement and compliance tracking simplifies compliance policy management, streamlining planning and drastically cutting down security reporting tasks. You'll also gain immediate access to our Customer Experience team, dedicated to bolstering your security posture.

Key Features: 

  • Comprehensive MDR Platform with Reporting
  • Strategic Hygiene and Compliance Tracking
ActZero Expertise