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Business as usual for our threat hunters means being on alert for attacks 24/7. For you, it means uninterrupted operations, day after day. 

Control Risk with Real-Time Response

Using our platform to scout vulnerabilities and attacks, our Threat Hunters terminate harmful processes, delete malware, or quarantine infected machines, as discovered. Our elite team has the technology to respond in real-time, before your systems are impacted, or your intellectual property lost. More often than not, you won’t even know what happened as we’ll have it under control. But of course, our transparent reporting will keep you advised of activity post-event.


Focus Your Internal Resources on Competitive Differentiators

Your people can’t be watching the network, studying endpoint hygiene, and chasing down suspicious activity all the time. Wouldn’t it be better if they were engaged in technology innovations that increased your competitive edge? With ActZero taking advanced countermeasures against verified security issues, your team can concentrate their time and talent on improving business processes.


Benefit from Proactive Threat Hunting

New endpoint information gathered from CrowdStrike’s agents and our own, coupled with our existing threat hunting across the endpoint, network and cloud, strengthens our search for suspicious behaviors and indicators of attack. Better visibility results in better investigations, faster threat detections, less false positives, and reduced response times. Less time dealing with alerts also means more time available for our threat hunters to proactively seek out the next threats in customer environments.

Diagnosing Your Cybersecurity Anxiety

Our Process


ActZero will monitor managed endpoints and their network connectivity via an encrypted connection in order to efficiently detect cyber threats.  Our sensors will provide deep visibility into endpoint data relevant for detecting advanced attacks.


ActZero collects information from firewalls, endpoints, security applications and thorough scans of the network, and monitors the number of sessions and types of traffic. This activity will increase detection of anomalous or unusual traffic patterns.


ActZero looks for active or dormant threats and potential exploits by analyzing logs, cross-referencing threat intelligence, detecting vulnerabilities, identifying untrusted devices, and monitoring for other indicators of compromise. ActZero takes action, and communicates incident findings and results as they are discovered.


In the event that our threat hunters detect a compromise, ActZero will initiate its first-level incident response process, carrying out containment, eradication, and recovery operations that can be executed on the ActZero platform.


Sometimes even your best preventions aren’t enough. For businesses under a real-time attack, ActZero offers Advanced Incident Response (AIR) services that can get you back to an operational state.  We’ll help conduct an investigation to learn from the incident, and provide documentation for your board, law enforcement, or insurance providers.


ActZero curates and analyzes external intelligence to identify threats to you and investigates such threats. ActZero supplies a list of potentially malicious IP addresses (including malware hosts, spam sources and other threats) that are part of the emerging threat landscape.


ActZero performs scanning (vulnerability discovery, and detection of indicators of compromise) monthly on the entire network and up to all contracted endpoints. ActZero will provide remediation tasks, including severity levels of the vulnerabilities and where the vulnerabilities are located.


Customers will receive a monthly report from ActZero with actionable security intelligence to mitigate risk, reduce redundancy, and to improve overall security monitoring. These reports will support business, auditing, and regulatory compliance activities. Customers and the threat hunters meet monthly to review the monthly report and actionable recommendations for improving security posture.

"We’ve been pleased with ActZero from the initial sales meeting to implementation. Our relationship with them as a partner has never wavered, and we value them as an extension of our IT team. We receive quick responses and real-world help when we have a cybersecurity question. They have jumped at every request and always follow up with great customer service."

Mike Russell, CIO, Shannon Medical Center

“Other companies try to replicate what ActZero, and they can’t deliver it in the same way. ActZero has a better tool stack, better people at a commodity price that allows us to blend it into our service offering to deliver with true confidence and at a price that is highly affordable. We can deliver an affordable enterprise-grade service to a 25 or 50 person company.”

Jayson Kiel, President & CEO, Lockmann Krane

Just wanted to let you know your team is awesome!!! Proactive, detailed and quick quick quick… We really appreciate the work you guys are doing for us. It really allows my team to relax knowing you guys are all over security for [us].

CIO, Regulator

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