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Business as usual for our threat hunters means being on alert for attacks 24/7. For you, it means uninterrupted operations, day after day. 

Get Fast and Precise Active Threat Response

ActZero combines the speed of automation with human threat hunters to respond to threats faster than the other guys. Our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) filters and investigates alerts, delivering only high-quality, relevant notifications. Our threat hunters identify and mitigate attacks daily, ensuring you're a step ahead of new threats. 

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Automation to Reduce Noise, Costs

We automate most of the manual tasks and filter out false positives and reduce noise, escalating only critical alerts, to improve efficiency and lower costs.

24/7 Response: Expert SOC and Threat Hunters

Our response team features a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) to triage, investigate, and analyze security incidents. Our skilled threat hunters are constantly studying advanced techniques to rapidly identify and respond to attacks, providing the expertise needed to keep your systems secure.

We ensure that only high-quality alerts reach you, reducing noise and allowing you to focus on real threats. 

Rapid Incident Response: Get Back to Business Faster

Included in our MDR service is first-level incident response to quickly contain and eradicate cyber threats, letting you focus on business. We work to minimize disruption and ensure you’re back to business as fast as possible.


  • Identify, isolate, or mitigate the affected host. 
  •  Notify affected parties and initiate an investigation.


  • Remove any trace or lingering threats left by adversaries on endpoints or systems with ActZero sensors and offer guidance for other assets.


  • Quickly resume normal operations; minimize impact
  •  Learn about incidents, receive recommendations for resuming business, and enhance security resilience for the future.

What Happens When You Don't Respond?

Small businesses find themselves disproportionately vulnerable to cyberattacks, accounting for 82% of all breaches in 2023. A few highlights from our infographic. 

  • The average ransomware attack cost small organizations $1.85 million per day in damages, primarily due to system outages, some lasting several weeks.
  • A managed detection and response (MDR) service needs to respond to cyberattacks quickly enough to mitigate the loss of data or systems across the company.
  • On average, it takes roughly 79 minutes for attackers to breach other systems within a network.
  • Smartphones, they are also involved in 33% of ransomware breaches. 


Empower your cybersecurity with AI—Activate ActZero’s machine-speed response, now.

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