We empower our partners to deliver a cutting-edge MDR service to small and mid-size organizations to help prepare for the next cyber attack. 

Why partner with us?

Offer your customers a 24/7 full-stack cybersecurity solution using AI detections that is quick to deploy, without adding technical resources to your team or having to learn multiple point products. 

Easy deal registration guarantees partner margin and pricing protection throughout deal lifecycle. Discounts based on deal registration, not tier status. 

Our partner portal provides centralized sales enablement, access to content and integrated prospecting/marketing tools, providing analytics and lead tracking. 

How you benefit

  • Deal registration
  • Simple pricing
  • Full lifecycle sales and technical support 
  • Flexible MDF 
  • Guaranteed margins 
  • Tailored enablement

How your customer benefits

We secure across endpoints, network, mobile devices, cloud, identity, and email accounts.

  • 24/7 security operations center and support
  • 15-minute response to alert on critical cyberattacks
  • AI detections to respond at machine speed
  • Fewer alerts, less false positives 
  • Daily threat hunting by our experts
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Recommend hygiene improvement and compliance tracking

Our experience elevates your value to clients

Our partners benefit from our team of experienced threat hunters, backed by deep investments in artificial intelligence and market-leading technology, packaged for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), or resellers as a simple-to-deliver service.

We eliminate the complexity and cost of building effective security operations capabilities for your clients.

Partnership Opportunities

We currently work with a select group of partners, spanning from resellers and Managed Service Providers to consulting firms and technology vendors. ActZero is actively looking for new partners.  Our program is open to:

MSPs and MSSPs

Seeking a cybersecurity service that can measurably boost your detection and response capabilities? ActZero’s MDR service integrates easily into your existing services suite — enhancing customer security, and boosting your margins.

Solution Providers & Resellers

Not able to deliver the ultimate cybersecurity results to your clients that you'd expected? Give your clients 24/7 ransomware defense that they can measure, and so much more. Partner with ActZero and deliver on this cirtical key result.

Incident Responders & Consultants

You’ve completed a cloud migration, a security architecture review or a high-stress breach response, but what’s next?  ActZero’s MDR service provides tools necessary to analyze threats, stop and contain adversaries, and provide the guidance needed to prioritize continuous cybersecurity improvement.  We'll simplify your value delivery.