As your partner, we use data, automation, and ingenuity to create possibilities – for mature security, reduced risk, and business growth.

We Elevate Your Security Posture Over Time

We harden your defenses day after day. We learn your environment, business operations, and security systems. We pinpoint and help you eliminate gaps without disrupting your team’s productivity. You’ll see measurable continuous improvement, even as your infrastructure expands.

We Use Our Proprietary Technology to Your Advantage

Simply stated: ActZero's platform makes our Threat Hunters more effective than competitors. Supported by advanced automation and Machine Learning models, our unique platform allows Threat Hunters to detect and respond to threats with rapid countermeasures, keeping your business safe and advising your security improvements.

We Are 100% Focused on Threat Detection, Mitigation and Resolution

Every business is a target for hackers – the days when only enterprises were hit with ransomware, malware, zero-day and advanced persistent threats and other schemes are long gone. ActZero was founded to enable SMB and mid-market companies to deliver enterprise-level security tools and resources affordably.

We offer a comprehensive MDR service spanning monitoring, detection,analysis, and containment. We offer supplemental vCISO and Advanced Incident Response (AIR) services.

Bottom line: we’re 100% focused on MDR so you can be 100% focused on your business.

Trust, Customer Focus, Execution, Continuous Improvement

People drive cybersecurity. Technology offers many advantages, but people ultimately create successful outcomes. At ActZero, our people not only possess exceptional skill but also embody our core values. The trust we foster in our relationships comes by putting customers first, which includes a level of transparency that is rare for service providers. We prove ourselves through execution with incredible attention to detail and the spirit of continuous improvement. And we acknowledge that you, our customer and our partner, are the final judge of success.

What’s in it for you?

ActZero was purpose-built to directly address the needs of every stakeholder in the SMB and mid-market security ecosystem, from the C-Suite to IT groups to cybersecurity teams to channel resellers.

  • The confidence to evolve and form new partnerships with security and compliance requirements met
  • The platform and support to scale and execute on cybersecurity goals
  • The seamless system integration of emerging cybersecurity technologies
  • The competitive advantage of a wider portfolio of security offerings at multiple tiers

Materials and Guides to Help You on Your MDR Journey