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Revolutionizing Cybersecurity with AI-Powered Detection & Response

Introducing Sixth Sense, the core of ActZero’s cybersecurity services. This sophisticated AI technology detects and responds to potential threats on endpoints, networks, and across digital platforms—ensuring comprehensive protection missed by conventional methods. And responds at machine speed. 

  • Anomaly Detection: Analyzing over thousands of signals, Sixth Sense delivers real-time anomaly detection to pinpoint security threats instantly.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates data from endpoints to the cloud, creating a unified defense model against cyber threats.
  • Proactive Detection & Response: Identifies emerging threats faster than competitors, enabling swift, decisive action.
  • Time Travel Assistant:  Our unique feature allows retrospective analysis of security incidents to prevent future vulnerabilities
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signals missed
by other platforms


10 milliseconds

to contain threats


anomaly score given
to every data point

ZeroIn for Clarity in Cybersecurity

ZeroIn is a visual tool which shows an overview of your IT environment, showcasing the power of our Sixth Sense AI. It gathers data from across endpoints, cloud configurations, detections, and vulnerabilities all in one place. 

  • Visual Insights into Security Issues:  ZeroIn maps assets (user accounts and workstations) highlighting those affected by security issues. This display allows you to easily see and understand problems without the need to sift through data.
  • Streamlined Protection Management: Determine which devices require EDR protection. ZeroIn aggregates this information from various tools, simplifying your cybersecurity management.
  • Efficient Security Summaries: Quickly generate summaries of your security status for meetings, saving time and allowing for a more focused and effective response to critical issues.


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