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Comprehensive Cybersecurity from a Single Vendor

Built with smaller organizations in mind, we include the technology required, deploy, manage and respond on your behalf so you can rest easier at night. 

  • Full-Stack Security: 24/7 coverage of your entire IT environment
  • AI Advantage: Ability to detect and respond faster.
  • Response: Taking action so you don’t have to.
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We Have Zero Tolerance for Threats

What’s in our MDR service?

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Protecting all digital fronts: Endpoints, networks, mobile devices, cloud, email, and identity. We bring the tools from Crowdstrike, Defender, Stellar Cyber, Tenable. 

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Detect anomalies by analyzing 1,700+ signals that other platforms miss, integrate complex systems into a unified model, and outpace competitors with quicker threat detection and response. 

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Combine proactive, automated rapid responses, and 24/7 SOC with expert threat hunting to quickly stop threats.

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Tailored cyber expertise, emphasizing hardening, hygiene, compliance management, and access to our Customer Experience team to significantly enhance and streamline your security posture.

6 Minutes

Mean Time to First Response


False Positives per Day

Average 6

Alerts per Month

Ready to See Us in Action?

Of course! Take a look at what we do and then let our sales engineer show you how our MDR service works. 

What We Do

  • Secure endpoints, network, mobile devices, cloud, identity, and email accounts
  • 24/7 SOC and live support
  • Daily threat hunting
  • Vulnerability management
  • Real-time alerting
  • Auto-block, active response, and managed remediation Incident response retainer
  • On-demand dedicated security advisor
  • MDR platform access
  • Maturity model
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“Other companies try to replicate what ActZero, and they can’t deliver it in the same way. ActZero has a better tool stack, better people at a commodity price that allows us to blend it into our service offering to deliver with true confidence and at a price that is highly affordable. We can deliver an affordable enterprise-grade service to a 25 or 50 person company.”

Jayson Kiel, President & CEO, Lockmann Krane

"ActZero hasn’t just supported our cybersecurity needs; it has transformed how we manage security with a lean team. Their tools and support allow us to focus on our core business, knowing that our cybersecurity is proactive, robust, and managed by experts." 

Chris Walker, Director of Technology, LHP Capital

“ActZero has changed the way we handle cybersecurity. It’s efficient, effective, and gives us the peace of mind we need to focus on what really matters – educating our students.”

Will Miers, Director of Technology, MSD of Martinsville

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