Cost-Effectively Execute and Scale Cybersecurity

Assembling your own detection and response capabilities from scratch is expensive and time-consuming even if you have (or think you can get) the right personnel to build an effective SOC. ActZero's platform and skills make the business case for our partnership obvious. We instantly make your team more effective and reduce your risk. Compliance is as easy as closing the security gaps we identify. Your security posture improves progressively, and you stay ahead of threats, compounding the value of your MDR investment.

How it Works

Security Outcomes Beyond the MSSP

ActZero's MDR is THE platform for continuous security coverage and long-term value:

Cutting-Edge Tools

Platform enhancements equip you with innovative security designed for new threats, at no extra cost

Security Posture Evolution

AI/ML fortifies your business as your organization and attack surface grows

Improved Visibility

Regular assessment and recommendations mature security across the entire network

Superior Threat Intelligence

Information pulled from multiple sources, plus threat hunter insight, methodically detects and stops threats

Improved Compliance Readiness

Framework mapping goes beyond routine assessment to comprehensive risk management, with cross-enterprise vulnerability and audit reporting through a unified dashboard

Multi-Platform, Multi-OS

Broad coverage spans both physical infrastructure and cloud environments


Materials and Guides to Help You on Your MDR Journey

Gartner Report: Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services