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AI Protection to
Mobile Devices 24/7

ActZero Mobile MDR uses AI, combined with our human threat hunters, to protect against known and zero-day threats 24/7, including malware, phishing, man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. Safeguards all devices, including Android, iOS, and ChromeOS phones and tablets.

  • Identify risks in both your organization and third-party apps.
  • Boost app security by preventing reverse engineering, securing cryptographic keys,
    and creating self-defending apps.
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of companies faced compromises involving mobile devices.


of phishing sites target mobile and desktop users, but people are 6-10 times more likely to fall for SMS phishing compared to email


of companies are re-evaluating operations due to rising mobile attacks.

Prioritize Employee Privacy 

Ensure employees’ private data is strictly that –private – on corporate and personal devices. We ensure threat detection takes place on the device itself, keeping sensitive personal information, like photos, emails, and videos away from the cloud. 

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Simple to Manage

Mobile MDR deploys in minutes with or without an MDM. Already have an MDM? Can be integrated with all major MDM vendor solutions. Easily manage and secure devices and apps from a single interface, whether on the cloud or on-premises with no complicated configurations.

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Protect Mobile Devices at Every Level


Monitors configuration, firmware, & libraries to identify malicious activity. Detects OS/kernel exploits profile/configuration modifications, system tampering, physical USB/SD card exploits.


Monitors network traffic and disables suspicious connections to/from mobile devices. Blocks reconnaissance scans, Man-in-the-Middle, SSL stripping, SSL decryption attempts, and rogue access points


Identifies “leaky” and malicious app, known and unknown malware, dynamic threats abusing download and exploit techniques

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