Mobile devices increasingly targeted by adversaries 

Use of mobile devices with businesses provides great benefits, providing your employees, partners and supply-chain with instant access to your business-critical applications, anytime and anywhere.  But without proper protection, these same devices become open gateways to your business for adversaries.

Mobile devices have also become widely targeted by adversaries for a number of reasons.  Some of the key challenges include:

  • Many organizations allow for BYOD use, without putting the proper security policies and protocols in place
  • Mobile Devices have become digital IDs to access organizational services and data.  If they are compromised, so is the organization
  • 90% of breaches start with phishing; 60% of emails are read on mobile
  • Small mobile screens that leave out important details as they prioritize enhancement of the user experience
  • Solutions like Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), mobile device management (MDM), standalone Mobile Threat Defense (MTD), and enterprise mobility management (EMM) haven’t been widely adopted
  • Mobile device security in not in-line with endpoint, network, and cloud security

Managing devices is important.  Managing their security is critical.

Find and stop threats to your devices, network, and users’s foundation is built on using artificial intelligence to solve cyber security challenges.  Our machine learning models use billions of data points to gain information and learn about mobile risks and threats.  In-turn, we can detect and alert on threats faster and with greater precision than EDR or MTD alone.

No messy configurations or installations

Worried about adding another solution into your tool box?  Don’t be.  MDR for Mobile deploys in minutes.  There’s no complicated configurations for users to manage.  And, you don’t need an MDM.  If you have an MDM, we integrate with all major vendor solutions.

Security Posture Improvement

Maturity improvement doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s a journey.  ActZero provides you with access to our portal where you’ll get visibility to threats and vulnerabilities that leave you exposed, as well as key advice to help you reduce risks, and track your improvement over time.

What's Included?

24/7 Protection and Support

Attacks happen when you least expect it, and most often when an adversary suspects you’ll have your guard down.  With ActZero, get continuous monitoring of systems and networks for signs of anomalies.

Phishing & SMshing Detection

Stop malicious phishing attacks and reduce your attack surface by blocking connections to suspicious URLs, domains, and IPs

Device settings-based vulnerability Detections

Detect screen lock disabled, known OS vulnerabilities, USB debugging or developer options enabled, 3rd-party app store installs allowed, and unencrypted storage

Activity-Based Threat Detection

Detect known malware and attack chains, app or system tampering, man-in-the-middle attacks, harmful apps, jailbreak/rooting

Enterprise application behavior monitoring

Monitors app behavior to detect malicious or unwanted activity in business-critical mobile apps


Cybersecurity Anytime, Anywhere