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Managing devices is important.  Managing their security is critical.

Quickly Stop Threats

The ActZero platform leverages defense ingenuity and precision AI-detection to better protect your environment. Our machine-learning models use billions of data points to learn about mobile risks and threats. As a result, we find and stop threats faster and with greater precision than EDR or MTD alone. The model is delivered to the endpoint, giving it the power of on-device protection, securing it even if the endpoint is not connected to the network.

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Quick, Easy Deployment

Worried about adding another solution into your tool box? Don’t be. MDR for Mobile deploys in minutes. There’s no complicated configurations for users to manage. And, you don’t need an MDM. If you have an MDM, we integrate with all major vendor solutions.

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On-Device Notifications

Eliminate the delays and risks of cloud-based lookups and ensure your devices are always protected, even when not connected to a network.

If a threat is detected: 

  • ActZero Security Operations Center (SOC) is notified 
  • End-users receive contextual alerts on their device with recommendations to help remediate the risk  
  • Your Admin is notified of all alerts and guidance 


ActZero Cellphone Web

Security Posture Improvement

Maturity improvement doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s a journey.  ActZero provides you with access to our portal where you’ll get visibility to threats and vulnerabilities that leave you exposed, as well as key advice to help you reduce risks, and track your improvement over time. Option to expand protection to all endpoints, network, and cloud.

ActZero platform Mobile Monitor

Protect Mobile Devices at Every Level


Monitors configuration, firmware, & libraries to identify malicious activity. Detects OS/kernel exploits profile/configuration modifications, system tampering, physical USB/SD card exploits.


Monitors network traffic and disables suspicious connections to/from mobile devices. Blocks reconnaissance scans, Man-in-the-Middle, SSL stripping, SSL decryption attempts, and rogue access points


Identifies “leaky” and malicious app, known and unknown malware, dynamic threats abusing download and exploit techniques


Just wanted to let you know your team is awesome!!! Proactive, detailed and quick quick quick… We really appreciate the work you guys are doing for us. It really allows my team to relax knowing you guys are all over security for [us].

CIO, Regulator

My advice would be “what are you waiting for?” ActZero is not optional, it is like car insurance. You would never drive a car without car insurance and you should never run an IT group without ActZero.

VP of IT, Food Processing Company

Amazing - thanks so much. Our hygiene scores next month will be through the roof!

Director of IT, Law Firm

Cybersecurity Anytime, Anywhere


ActZero helps southeast U.S. medical center focus its cybersecurity efforts

Adding a new security solution to an existing set of tools isn’t always desirable or easy, but in some cases, it’s precisely what the doctor asked for. In the case of a southeast U.S.-based medical center, they leveraged ActZero to replace older technologies and holistically address their

ActZero Technical Overview


CMMC 1.0 vs. CMMC 2.0: How the Change Impacts Your Organization


Incident Response Foundations Templates & Checklists

WHO IT'S FOR: SMB IT leaders who face an incident or want to prepare for one in advance. Response team members, helpdesk, and IT managers who stand to benefit from practical templates and tactical advice pertaining to cybersecurity incidents. WHAT'S IN IT: Practical templates to document and

Solution Brief: Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

ActZero Virtual CISO program is designed for small to medium-sized enterprises that: are without dedicated cybersecurity personnel are facing regulatory compliance requirements are preparing for a client/partner/supplier security audit require an expert to steer your programs and speak with your
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Elevating Incident Response Readiness

WHO IT'S FOR: Midsize Enterprise IT leaders who want to improve their incident readiness through advanced preparation, planning and practice. Alternatively, if you are an SMB IT leader that is facing an incident, or who wants to prepare for one in advance, we have a version of this white paper
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The Collaborative Approach to Cybersecurity

WHO IT'S FOR: IT leaders who may have thought they “had to do it alone” when it came to cybersecurity. Cybersecurity professionals who are a “one-person team”... Business leaders who can’t understand why these siloes haven’t secured the organization, yet.Or, anybody considering external help with
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Foundations for Incident Response Readiness

WHO IT'S FOR: SMB IT leaders that are presently facing an incident, or who want to prepare for one in advance. As well as response team members, helpdesk, and IT managers who stand to benefit from practical templates and tactical advice pertaining to cybersecurity incidents. Alternatively, if
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6 Steps to Secure Your IT Supply Chain

WHO IT'S FOR: This paper is written for any stakeholder concerned about their susceptibility to attack from the vector of the suppliers within their environment. This could be senior leaders concerned about mitigating risk, or IT management looking for practical advice to implement controls.

How to Stay Proactive Against Potential Ransomware

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