ActZero Threat Hunters leverage end-to-end visibility propelled by our leading AI and ML capabilities to mine endpoint telemetry, threat intelligence, and cloud traffic.

EDR and Log Analysis Drives Tailored Security

Using our EDR to monitor your devices and pulling data from your security software and appliances, we track activity on your network, firewall, cloud, and edge assets. We analyze event logs against known behavior patterns and threat intelligence feeds, substantially reducing false positives while alerting you to potential breaches.

Our Threat Hunters Take Action, When They Should

ActZero Threat Hunters study advanced attack techniques, empowering them to quickly identify malware, ransomware, and bot or human-powered attacks. Our advanced machine learning capability allows them to make in-context decisions that harden security without negatively impacting your business.

Simplify and Scale Coverage Without Adding Headcount

The ever-expanding, rapidly shifting threat landscape is too vast and dynamic to go it alone. ActZero’s platform and people form a balanced defense with the visibility to detect threats at machine speed and proactively prevent attacks.

Threat Intelligence

An effective and proactive security posture depends on threat intelligence depth and the ability to analyze suspicious behaviors before they jeopardize your intellectual property, competitive advantage, or even your ability to operate. ActZero makes it all happen at scale, in real-time.

Vulnerability Scanning

We identify what attackers could exploit before they can breach your defenses. ActZero scans for weaknesses in your infrastructure and collects information on endpoints through open ports. We help you prioritize and close the gaps, cost-effectively reducing risk.

We Scale Your Security Resources for You

ActZero Threat Hunters act as an extension of your team, bringing the technology and expert skill required to see and remediate security gaps others miss.

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Threat hunting
  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Monthly reporting
  • Log analysis
  • Vulnerability scanning

Materials and Guides to Help You on Your MDR Journey