A New Formula for Cybersecurity Value

Aerospace and defense companies face manufacturing and integration issues not seen in other industries.  ActZero helps defense contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers by securing the  supply chain using machine learning-enabled managed detection and response technologies to not only improve security maturity, but help reduce costs, optimize security operations, and shorten the ramp to CMMC.  

Some of the key challenges of those in the defense supply chain include:

  • Protecting against advanced malware distributed by organized cybercriminal and state-sponsored adversaries
  • Identifying vulnerabilities across databases, networks, and applications
  • Increasing visibility and detection capabilities to discover malicious activity on endpoints, networks and cloud
  • Rapidly containing and mitigating the impacts of a security incident to prevent exfiltration of both classified and unclassified data
  • Attaining necessary CMMC Level 3 certification in a timely manner to ensure business continuity
  • Efficiently scaling cyber security efforts without taxing existing budgets and resources

Build and maintain CMMC compliance and security maturity goals

Get additional visibility into your environment without more noise

Get continuous monitoring of systems and networks for signs of anomalies.  Machine-Learning and human threat hunting combine threat signals from across multiple sources, helping rapidly detect threats, eliminating false positives so that action can be taken quicker and with less wasted effort, and fewer needless alerts.

Improve Security Maturity and cyber hygiene

With constant insight into your environment, and regular reporting, know where your risks are, and clearly lay them out for you in our easy-to-use portal, and reports.  From this insight, create your plan of attack to close the gaps, including setting priorities, effort, and timing.  Views in the portal can easily be extracted for auditors, executives and partners to demonstrate security.

Gain clarity on how to rapidly attain and maintain CMMC compliance

Get visibility into the cybersecurity tools and services you currently use, then rapidly map them against requirements from CMMC, CIS, MITRE ATT&CK, and more. Leveraging our easy-to-use templates to understand your readiness and prepare for your CMMC Level 3 audit.

Add Some Sophistication to your Cybersecurity Maturity

Evaluate and understand your CMMC preparedness.  Build and execute the plan to achieve CMMC Level 3.


Not every business has the same security needs.  We help you realize your unique cybersecurity goals by working with you to identify risks impeding your strategic objectives.


Based on your objectives, our security maturity model will help you determine the controls to address specific threats you’d like to mitigate. Currently we align to over 350 controls across CMMC, CIS, and MITRE ATT&CK.


Demonstrating progress on your cybersecurity goals is critical. See how ActZero’s MDR solution can help address controls. Establish your priorities, timelines and resources - all mapped against your risk profile to meet the rest. And, use our portal to upload compliance evidence at any time, for a quick view of your security maturity.

What's Included?

24/7 Protection and Support

Attacks happen when you least expect it, and most often when an adversary suspects you’ll have your guard down.  With ActZero, get continuous monitoring of systems and networks for signs of anomalies.

Prioritized Risk Reduction

Threat risks constantly evolve, as do your efforts to contain them.  ActZero provides all customers with a prioritized roadmap of gap closure/control mitigation recommendations.

Automatically Detect and Contain Ransomware

In the event of ransomware detections, and to prohibit endpoints from any further action or transmission of an infection, we automatically quarantine ransomware outbreaks in your environment.

Cloud Protection

The cloud is an increasingly important part of the defense supply chain.. Gain visibility and controls over cloud data and workloads with over 30 detections for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and AWS.

Compliance Tracking

Demonstrate where you stand against CMMC.  CIS 8.0 and more.  Our self-serve maturity model allows you the ability to prioritize and complete controls at your own pace.


Materials and Guides to Help You on Your MDR Journey