Build your Cybersecurity Maturity

From small manufacturers to massive production lines, large-scale emergent threats and ransomware attacks continue to put pressure on manufacturers.  Unfortunately, many manufacturers don’t have the necessary security resources or budgets, and often have incomplete tools to successfully protect themselves against threats.  ActZero Managed Detection and Response (MDR) has helped many SMB and mid-sized enterprises improve their security maturity, from refining threat detection and reducing needless alerts, to reducing the time required to respond to and remediate threats. 

Some of the key challenges within the Manufacturing sector that ActZero helps address include:

  • Protecting against advanced ransomware attacks design by organized cybercriminal and state-sponsored adversaries designed to create operational disruption
  • Avoiding supply chain disruption and procurement penalties
  • Increasing visibility and detection capabilities to discover malicious activity on endpoints, networks and cloud
  • Rapidly containing and mitigating the impacts of a security incident to prevent exfiltration of sensitive product and design data
  • Attaining necessary compliance certifications in a timely manner to ensure business continuity
  • Efficiently scaling cyber security efforts without taxing existing budgets and resources

Better Detection and Response without draining resources

Gain 24/7 support and protection

Get continuous round-the-clock monitoring of systems and networks for signs of anomalies.  We’re on the lookout for threats, even when your business is closed, production lines are turned off, or critical staff are enjoying their well-earned downtime.

Get better detection and response to cut out needless alerts

Our machine-learning and human threat hunting combine threat signals from across multiple sources, helping rapidly detect threats, eliminating false positives so that action can be taken quicker, with less wasted effort, and fewer needless alerts.

Reduce the need to grow your resources or budgets

By using ActZero’s MDR, you’ll eliminate the purchase or continuation of many additional tools and countless hours of tools management associated with them, saving money and your internal IT resources’ time, allowing you to re-invest in what’s most important 󠀭- growing your operations.

Cover More Ground in your Cybersecurity Journey

Evaluate and understand your current cybersecurity preparedness.  Build and execute the plan to improve it.


With constant insight into your environment, and regular reporting, know where your risks are.  We clearly lay them out for you in our easy-to-use portal, and your regular reports.


Create your plan to close the gaps, including setting priorities, effort, and timing - which  inevitably help with passing internal and external security assessments, and avoiding costly procurement penalties.


Get visibility into the cybersecurity tools and services you currently use, then rapidly map them against requirements from CMMC Level 3, CIS 8.0, and more.

What's Included?

24/7 Protection and Support

Attacks happen when you least expect it, and most often when an adversary suspects you’ll have your guard down.  With ActZero, get continuous monitoring of systems and networks for signs of anomalies.

Prioritized Risk Reduction

ActZero provides all customers with a prioritized roadmap of gap closure/control mitigation recommendations, helping you avoid needless and costly systems downtime 

Automatically Detect and Contain Ransomware

In the event of ransomware detections, and to prohibit endpoints from any further action or transmission of an infection, we automatically quarantine ransomware outbreaks in your environment.

Cloud Protection

The cloud is an increasingly important part of the manufacturing ecosystem. Gain visibility and controls over cloud data and workloads with over 30 detections for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and AWS

Compliance Tracking

Demonstrate where you stand against required compliances with control-level tracking against CMMC, CIS 8.0 and more.  Our self-serve maturity model allows you the ability to prioritize and complete controls at your own pace.


Materials and Guides to Help You on Your MDR Journey