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For information on how attacks on RMMs work and how to mitigate this cyber risk, read our Threat Insight piece.

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Threat Insight: Infinite Ransomware Jeopardy

Paying out on a ransomware payment is a tough pill to swallow. But what if you had to do it 2 times, 3 times, or even 4 times on that same vulnerability and breach? It’s happening more frequently, and it’s time to address the root causes - a failure to address the initial vulnerabilities and a lack

Threat Insight: Multi-factor Authentication

One of the most fundamental cybersecurity practices required by any business is to implement policies and tools that limit access to corporate systems and information - restricting who has access, to what, and by using what means of authentication they’ll require. Businesses are frequently turning

Threat Insight: Why Businesses Need An Acceptable Use Policy

Does your business have an acceptable use policy (AUP) regarding the use of your organization’s network, devices, and the Internet? Is the policy actively enforced, or is it a document that’s only seen upon the point-of-hire? There are many reasons why your company needs an AUP, and why the

Solution Brief: Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

ActZero Virtual CISO program is designed for small to medium-sized enterprises that: are without dedicated cybersecurity personnel are facing regulatory compliance requirements are preparing for a client/partner/supplier security audit require an expert to steer your programs and speak with your

ActZero helps southwest U.S. medical technology provider scale its cybersecurity efforts

Lack of or unfocused investment in the right people and tools, minimal due diligence into the cybersecurity of third-party vendors, providers and suppliers, and a general misunderstanding of the organizational security posture have resulted in general unpreparedness across the healthcare industry.

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