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These practical templates include ways to document your detections, responses, the criteria for them, the people responsible, and pre-approval of the steps - all to avoid wasting time when it matters most: during the incident.

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Cybersecurity Vendor Evaluation Package

WHO IT'S FOR: Anybody evaluating a cybersecurity vendor, for services like MDR. Ultimately this asset is designed to aid technical decision makers. WHAT'S IN IT: Probing questions to assess the quality of capabilities and outcomes described, as well as a rubric and answer sheet to objectively

Incident Response Guide

Watch our resident vCISO, Adam Mansour, as he demonstrates how to effectively use this guide. WHO IT'S FOR: This incident response guide is written for IT teams and CISOs who will be tasked with responding to security breaches or other incidents. WHAT'S IN IT: This guide provides a

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