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We review the predictions we made for the previous year (2021), and attribute a Hit or a Miss for each of them, and why. Additionally, we make five new predictions for 2022.

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6 Steps to Secure Your IT Supply Chain

WHO IT'S FOR: This paper is written for any stakeholder concerned about their susceptibility to attack from the vector of the suppliers within their environment. This could be senior leaders concerned about mitigating risk, or IT management looking for practical advice to implement controls.
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The Collaborative Approach to Cybersecurity

WHO IT'S FOR: IT leaders who may have thought they “had to do it alone” when it came to cybersecurity. Cybersecurity professionals who are a “one-person team”... Business leaders who can’t understand why these siloes haven’t secured the organization, yet.Or, anybody considering external help with
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Elevating Incident Response Readiness

WHO IT'S FOR: Midsize Enterprise IT leaders who want to improve their incident readiness through advanced preparation, planning and practice. Alternatively, if you are an SMB IT leader that is facing an incident, or who wants to prepare for one in advance, we have a version of this white paper
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Foundations for Incident Response Readiness

WHO IT'S FOR: SMB IT leaders that are presently facing an incident, or who want to prepare for one in advance. As well as response team members, helpdesk, and IT managers who stand to benefit from practical templates and tactical advice pertaining to cybersecurity incidents. Alternatively, if
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The 'Hyperscale SOC' and the Minds Behind It

WHO IT'S FOR: This whitepaper is written for those interested in understanding how technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enable hyperscale SOC capabilities to deal with alerts that flow endlessly into SOCs at rates no human could possibly match, yet still demand immediate

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