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Emergent Threat Notification - Pass The Cookie

Alert Status: High
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Hygiene Tip: Shut Down Attackers Harvesting Cached Browser Credentials

Recently, ActZero learned that ransomware actors are harvesting credentials from browsers during their attack. In recent attack chains our threat researchers have seen that, once the attacker gains a foothold, they are using Living-off-the-Land (LoTL) attacks to harvest the cached credentials from
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Ransomware Alert: Hackers Love a Long Weekend Too

Ransomware is a vicious malware designed to deny users or organizations access to their systems. If successful, the threat actor demands a ransom, holding business assets hostage until fulfilled. The company receives a decryption key to regain access if they disburse payment.
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4 Ways to Stop Ransomware on the Endpoint

With the global rise in ransomware, multinationals and SMBs believe it is not a matter of if but when an attack will occur. Several companies expect requests for ransom payments (despite warnings from the FBI), while others are convinced their current technology or processes will prevent, or enable
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Tenets of Incident Response Postmortem (RCA)

As IT leaders, we invest in people, processes, and technology to prevent cybersecurity incidents, and to plan for potential threats and attacks. But despite our best efforts, we encounter situations that lead to exposed vulnerabilities, hacked systems, and stolen data. The threat, regardless of
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The 5 Most Gruesome Cyber Threats

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Scale Your Security Operation by Focusing on SOCe

An efficient security operation center (SOC) is at the heart of any effort to scale your security operation.
Cybersecurity Industry Security Takes a Village

Using Data Science and Automation to Combat Alert Fatigue

It’s no secret that midsize enterprises are struggling with the overwhelming demands of modern cybersecurity.A perfect storm of factors has combined to make the lives of people trusted with securing organizations difficult. Threats are escalating in both complexity and severity — in 2020, the
Threat Intelligence

Threat Modeling: A Guide for Small to Midsize Enterprises

In the non-stop battle to keep your organization secure, there are three vital commodities most IT and security teams seem to never have enough of — time, resources, and money. With a sundry of risks and vulnerabilities to track and remediate, how can a team focus their efforts for maximum impact,
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Early Detection of Exchange Zero Day? Hindsight Indicators

In hindsight, it should have been easy to find the needle in the haystack of haystacks...

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