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Cybersecurity Industry Data Protection

Harnessing AI to Combat Cyber Threats to Protect Student Data

As technology integrates deeper into the curriculum, the responsibility of protecting sensitive data and ensuring a secure learning environment rests heavily on the shoulders of tech directors. In an era where attackers are employing sophisticated AI tools to enhance their tactics, school district
Cybersecurity Industry Data Protection

Why Every Minute Matters in Cybersecurity: The Economics of Fast Incident Response

Small businesses find themselves disproportionately vulnerable to cyberattacks, accounting for a staggering 82% of all breaches in 2023. The staggering statistics reveal the reality: an average user contends with around 1.5 malicious emails and witnesses the compromise of 30,000 small
Cybersecurity Industry Threat Intelligence Data Protection

Hygiene Tip: Shut Down Attackers Harvesting Cached Browser Credentials

Recently, ActZero learned that ransomware actors are harvesting credentials from browsers during their attack. In recent attack chains our threat researchers have seen that, once the attacker gains a foothold, they are using Living-off-the-Land (LoTL) attacks to harvest the cached credentials from
Cybersecurity Industry Data Protection

Achieving Unity Across Piecemeal Cybersecurity Solutions

Have you inherited a cybersecurity program with many different tools? Do they offer little in the way of measurable outcomes that show your program is more effective today than it was last month?
Cybersecurity Industry Threat Intelligence Managed Detection and Response Data Protection

Zero Ransom Initiative

Our goal as a company is to get our customers to zero... zero breaches, zero threats, zero vulnerabilities, zero inadequate cybersecurity controls. We’ve committed to achieve this by continually investing to outpace the adversary across our technology, people and processes. Today, I’m excited to
Cybersecurity Industry Managed Detection and Response Data Protection

The Resurgence of Removable Hardware Threats

The use of external devices is more and more common these days. Even before the pandemic, external devices like USB keys and external hard drives allowed employees to easily take their projects with them when they were on the go.But with their widespread use, externals are a huge target for malware
Cybersecurity Industry Data Protection

5 Signs to Replace Your Security Technology

“Set it and forget it” might work for some aspects of your organization, but cybersecurity isn’t one of them—or, at least, it shouldn’t be. Yet, cybersecurity tends to get back-burnered in favor of other projects, or deferred when there is no evidence of pertinent threats. We often remind
Data Protection Regulatory Compliance

Was My Data Really Stolen?

Here’s a hypothetical: Today, you were informed of a cyber incident. Luckily, it appears minor and that no data was exfiltrated. After your brief panic subsides, you figure “Great! I’m all in the clear.” In the words of the great Lee Corso, “Not so fast, my friend.” When you are the steward of
Data Protection

How Understanding Cybersecurity Threats Influences Your Defenses

There are the threats you know of. Then, there are the threats you should actually be defending against.
Data Protection

Evaluating Paths to Incident Response

If you're reading this, chances are you’re actively trying to improve your security to prevent a breach, or you're experiencing a breach right now and trying to determine what to do about it. Most of the advice you've found so far probably has you writing an incident response (IR) plan and then

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