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Maximizing Your Cybersecurity: How AI is Changing the Game for Organizations

In today's cyber warfare, traditional defense strategies fall short against the relentless onslaught of threats. At ActZero, we are on a mission to revolutionize cybersecurity by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI). With our expert team, we're dedicated to building the ultimate defense
Managed Detection and Response

Don't Pay the Ransom. Period

With ransomware gaining more and more attention in the news, companies have been dealing with it whatever ways they can. In an increasing number of cases, they have been paying ransoms, despite FBI advice not to. They see this as the cheapest route to getting their systems back online, and they
Cybersecurity Industry Managed Detection and Response

Why ActZero Won Best MDR Service

In case you missed it, ActZero Managed Detection and Response (MDR) has just been named SC Awards’ Best MDR Service for 2022. This blog post explores the reasons behind the accolade, examining what sets our service apart.
Cybersecurity Industry Managed Detection and Response

Key Considerations for Healthcare When Choosing a Cybersecurity Partner

We’ve talked a lot in the past about the important criteria for choosing security partners, but never from the unique perspective of healthcare. And, given the need for many healthcare organizations to combat growing ransomware, often with limited budgets, we felt now would be a good time to dig
Managed Detection and Response

MDR: An Origin Story

A hero's origin story usually accounts for the source of two things: their power, and their motivation. Often, the audience is already familiar with the hero’s current state. But, what is interesting about these stories is the context from the backstory, and how it enables a great advantage in the
Cybersecurity Industry Managed Detection and Response

Why Ransomware-as-a-Service is a Problem

As a security engineer specialized in systematizing automated response to security risks, I prioritize understanding emergent threats using tools like Threat Modeling to guide the process. Through the course of my decades long career, I have witnessed the technological and tactical evolution of
Cybersecurity Industry Managed Detection and Response

log4shell: Patch Necessary, but Insufficient - Proactive Steps Required

December 30th, 2021 Update: Apache released another new version (2.17) after the previous patch was discovered to be vulnerableas well. This article has been updated to reflect the latest recommendations. It remains relevant for those looking to understand what measures beyond patching could be at
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Zero Ransom Initiative

Our goal as a company is to get our customers to zero... zero breaches, zero threats, zero vulnerabilities, zero inadequate cybersecurity controls. We’ve committed to achieve this by continually investing to outpace the adversary across our technology, people and processes. Today, I’m excited to
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Combating a Rise in Ransomware: A Roundtable Discussion

Addressing ransomware has never been more of a top priority for senior IT leaders than it is today. Ransomware can be devastating to both individuals and organizations, and many organizations have been put in a position to pay millions of dollars to recover their data and deal with the implications
Cybersecurity Industry Managed Detection and Response Data Protection

The Resurgence of Removable Hardware Threats

The use of external devices is more and more common these days. Even before the pandemic, external devices like USB keys and external hard drives allowed employees to easily take their projects with them when they were on the go.But with their widespread use, externals are a huge target for malware

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